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The purpose of kings of Rustic Hardware web site is to give more information about the rustic art and our rustic accessories products.

Nowadays Rustic art is very appreciated around the world. Rustic art has an old effect into the natural material, that could be wood, iron, bronze and others. This effect is carefully applied for the artesian and each unique piece, getting a handmade craft

Rustic art is being applied into furniture and in house accessories like doors and cabinets, interior and exterior appliances.

Kings of Rustic Hardware design and made hardware pieces like barrets or slide bolts , drawer pulls, door pulls, hinges, bracket and nail head or clavos all hand-forged by mexican craftsman commitment with the quality. Each piece is rustic finished applying chemical to create the old appearance. We are the kings of Rustic Hardware because our pieces can spruce up any rustic wood, doors, furniture, kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets.

We have been producing rustic hardware for the last 20 years and exporting them to our main market in all USA.

Rustic Hinges for Doors


Are you looking for rustic hinges to enhance doors, barns, corrals or any place you want an old west flavor? You came to the right place

Rustic door hinges are not only durable for the material we use, they are functional and add a rustic atmosphere to any structure.

We have many designs, please use the next link to see our Rustic Hinges designs:

Rustic Hinges
Rustic Hinges Designs
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Rustic Brackets

The heavy square bracket with barrel knuckle connects to a long bold "strap" hammered flat into a narrowing end.
The edges might be straight or curved into various designs with a rounded end, an arrow end, or a bean tip. Bean tips are hammered flat and forged with a center hole for securing

Rustic Brackets
 Rustic Brackets Designs
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Slide bolts is worlds oldest known lock. They can be used in any door and windows.

We offer a great selection of rustic iron slide bolts in various styles, sizes and finishes that are ideally suited for any application.

Rustic Slide Bolt
 Rustic Slide Bolts
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Traditional clavos are not for rustic designs. To finish an authentic rustic furniture or rustic home design we suggest you to use hand-forged rustic nails with black iron finish to secure brackets, hinges, door pulls, slide bolts, door and drawer pulls. Our designs comes in the forms of :

  • Pyramid nails head
  • Square nails head
  • Rounded ribbed heads clavos.


Rustic Clavos
  Rustic Nails (clavos)
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Door pulls's are longer handles that often extend the whole length of a cabinet. Most of the times door pulls are connected to the door at two locations and are easier to grip and hold compared to knobs. Our designs can be used in furniture and exterior and interior door house.

Rustic Door Pulls
  Rustic Door Pulls
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Rustic metal drawer pulls for all types of cabinet Our Drawer pulls designs come in many sizes to fit the motif or style of any rustic home. By adding drawer pulls to your furniture cabinetry you can change the look of the furniture with very little expense or trouble.

Rustic Drawer Pulls
  Rustic Drawer Pulls
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